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Man Sends Racist Texts To 12-Year-Old Girl, Gets Response He Wasn’t Expecting

Grown Man Sent Racist Texts To 12-year-old Girl


Though it’s easy to underestimate someone’s maturity or ability based on their age, one young girl is proving that age is nothing but a number when it comes to grace and maturity.

An unnamed adult man recently sent racist and threatening texts to a 12-year-old girl, Millie-Grace Turner, which her mother found after Millie-Grace asked her an alarming question in regards to a racial slur. Millie-Grace watched as the man kept going, text by text, all containing extremely racist and offensive statements. Where it could rightfully break any child, Millie-Grace defended herself and responded perfectly.

Her mother, Gill Turner, noticed that her daughter was texting the man after her daughter asked her what the n-word was. She immediately asked her daughter to show her who she was texting and after looking through the harsh and racist texts, she posted the screenshot on Facebook and called the police. Afterward, Gill found out that the one threatening her daughter was a classmate’s father.

“So the father of my daughter’s classmate has texted this to my 12-year-old!!!! If you know him from the number please judge him accordingly. The police have been informed,” she wrote in her post.

Rather than attacking the man with any curses or cruel words, Millie-Grace took the more mature route and responded, “Sir, I think it’s time you paid for some English lessons.”

But this didn’t stop the father from continuing his rant. In fact, he sent a total of 16 texts.

And according to Daily Mail, the father admitted to the texts he sent to Millie-Grace. He backed up his actions and said, “My little girl is off school at the moment. She’s been off for five weeks with a fractured leg and all she’s been getting is harassed by her and her cronies. What would you do to protect your daughter?”

Though people will go to any lengths to protect their child or someone they love, it must be said that racism isn’t a means of protection. This is the harassment of a child. Luckily, Millie-Grace responded perfectly and didn’t let his lie of “protecting” his daughter affect her, showing the racist what true maturity is.

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