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In Honor Of Women’s History Month, Here Are 10 Women Who Changed The World


So many women throughout history have changed society and used their courage to help both themselves and others. Their actions and words have moved generations and encouraged others to do the same. Whether through fashion or humanitarian actions, many women are role models for those who believe in the same faith.

As for where we stand today, women of the world continue to fight for equality among everyone, still hoping for change. From serving the poor to promoting education, many of these optimistic women are taking responsibility and putting action to their opinions and beliefs. Each of these women work to have the public face the harsh truth that not everyone is equal, but that with force and work they can be someday.

Women in the past have adjusted society in ways that still impact us positively today. Without them, many of the rights we have wouldn’t exist. While women today are in the process of reshaping the old traditional values in the world, these iconic individuals introduced us to a brighter future. Luckily there have been so many women throughout history working for change, so these 10 are only a few of many. Here are just a few women that have inspired us.

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