Men Of Reddit Share Their Biggest Turn-Offs & Be Prepared To Roll Your Eyes

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how backward or one-sided it may be. It allows us to be unique and interesting when we share differing points of view. In the dating game, our personal opinions are often what make or break a relationship considering how everyone has preferences for what kind of partner they’re looking for.

Maybe you want a man that’s taller than you or maybe you prefer blonde women over brunettes. Perhaps you steer away from certain ethnicities for a number of reasons. These days a large number of dating apps appeal to certain likes and dislikes people have, such as Tinder and Hater. The point of the matter is that everyone is looking for “something” in their date.

Turn Off

Users on Reddit decided to make their points public on the subreddit AskMen. User Sanikbam created the forum “What do you find unattractive what most others find attractive in women?” and it garnered hundreds of responses from people. We expected the typical “I love girls that don’t put makeup on” and we weren’t disappointed. However, some users actually surprised us with constructive criticism. The women of Reddit threw in their own replies ranging from frustration to approval.

Here are a couple responses that caught our eye:

Whatever you call the aesthetic that Kylie Jenner sets as the modern “standard”. I hate caked makeup, gigantic lips, and whatever else is a component of that look.


Facebook posts , tweets, instagrams, that are always trying to be inspiring or positive, like those meme image macros with drivelly phrases.


Drawn on eyebrows. All I wanna do is wipe them off.


The more I workout the less I’m finding the soft skinny look attractive and the more I’m drawn to girls with a toned look with a booty built from deadlifts and hip thrusts.


If I’m being totally honest, I’d say any tattoos at all. The difference is that if its just a few small ones I can put that aside and deal with it. But if its a full sleeve or a full back piece it’s going to be a deal breaker for me.


Yea, I had an ex-gf say something about how jealous she was of her friend’s thigh-gap and I had no idea what she was talking about. Now that the internet has the “dat gap” meme I still have no idea why that’s attractive. Not that I find it unattractive, but I don’t think I’ve ever noticed IRL if a girl has a thigh gap or not.


Red lipstick.

It just makes them look older imo, and not in the good way.


I like pale girls (regardless of ethnicity). Pale as in clearly not having taken in any sunlight in the last 7 years


I’ve never been attracted to the stereotypical white blonde “model”-type petite women. They do absolutely nothing for me.


Agreed. I used to be into big boobs growing up but then I dated a few girls who had them and it didn’t do as much for me as when I was younger. Then I met a girl with smaller boobs and a more athletic body and I was like this is awesome!


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