This Woman Is Selling Her Breast Implants On eBay & We’re Actually Gagging

We’ve struck success by selling used college textbooks and clothes on eBay, but we’ve never ventured outside of that. This woman from the United Kingdom, on the other hand, is using the online selling platform in a more creative way: by auctioning off her used breast implants.

According to the Daily Mail, Katt is selling her old implants for $250, claiming they’re in “excellent condition” and were sterilized after being inside of her body for 11 months. For anyone who’s ever seen an episode of Nip/Tuck (or if you have general common sense), you know these situations cannot be trusted.

However, some people are into it; The implants already have eight offers. If you’re interested in the deal, rest assured knowing that nothing is actually wrong with the implants, Katt is just looking to change sizes.

“These implants are in perfect condition, almost brand new,” she wrote in the posting. “They have been sterilized so are clean. Gives you that beautiful cleavage.” Yeah, we bet.

Daily Mail

Used Implants

But as expected, experts have slammed the seller, calling her sale “unthinkable.” From Metro:

Antonia Mariconda, founder of the Safety in Beauty campaign, said: ‘Once a medical implant has been put into a person’s body and then taken out, it is called an explant and considered medical waste – they belong in a bin. Whoever buys these is throwing £200 down the toilet – they might as well go and buy a nice pair of shoes.

No surgeon worth his reputation, career or medical license would take a pair of used breast implants and put them back into another human being – the health risks are endless. There won’t be a surgeon on the planet who disagrees with that – you wouldn’t buy second-hand braces from someone else’s teeth, or hip replacements or arm plaster casts, it’s ridiculous and unthinkable.

Alarmingly, the seller talks about the implants being sterilised – they’re only taken out of the packet by surgeons seconds before they go into your body, but she’s pictured holding them. How can they be sterile if she’s holding them? It’s a completely void statement. I doubt the seller is meaning to dupe anyone, she’s probably not aware of the implications – but if anyone buys these, they’re buying two defunct items that will never be used.

So you know, keep that in mind before bidding.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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