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Girl Finds Jesus On Tinder & His Profile Is Just Divine

Jesus Tinder Profile


Tinder is just wild. With a few swipes, a Tinder user can reconnect with old classmates, see hundreds of dogs, and save a screenshot of a guy wearing a cow suit for his profile picture (udders included). The point is, there are a lot of weird people on Tinder. Everyone has a Tinder story to share, but nobody can top this girl’s newest match.

Twitter user @QueenIdle found Jesus and he’s even smoother than the water-turned-wine he’s pouring.

All “y’all need Jesus” memes aside, he’s dedicated to staying in character. His profile picture consists of a man sitting by a pond with a plate of Swedish Fish candy and a loaf of bread. He’s even turning water into wine right before our eyes.

As if the picture isn’t enough, he even put some time into writing up a funny biography to complete the experience of matching with him.


After super liking his profile and getting a match in return, QueenIdle and Jesus got the chance to know one another. After a long chat, the two shared more than a few words and Jesus proved he was pretty divine.

And if you know the story of Jesus, you know that he loves everyone. QueenIdle isn’t the only lady he’s matched with and other Tinder users that met him also shared their experience with him. Somehow, we’re not too mad about it if it means we get to listen to more of his funny pick-up lines.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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