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Swipe Right For Women’s Rights With Tinder’s #FundHerCause

Tinder #FundHerCause Campaign


Swiping right on Tinder and doing what’s right IRL are two very different things. It might not necessarily be “right” to swipe left on the guy whose bio says he’s under 5’7″ or to ghost a recent match after a few less-than-intriguing messages, but to quote Selena Gomez, “the heart wants what it wants.”

Tinder is hoping to make doing the right thing and swiping right a bit more connected in honor International Women’s Day 2017. In light of women’s charities and female empowerment needing more funding and support than ever, Tinder, in partnership with Pledgling, is giving Twitter users the option to tweet their way into giving back and doing the right thing.

Beginning at 9:00 A.M. EST on Wednesday, March 8, Twitter users can tweet @Tinder and use #FundHerCause to trigger a $100 donation to one of twelve charities of their choice. Tinder will use #FundHerCause to send up to a quarter of a million dollars to twelve female-based charities.

Tinder #FundHerCause


Whether you’re passionate about reproductive rights and want to give back to Planned Parenthood as it faces national threats or you’re hoping to expand women’s education and advancement in the tech field with Girls Who Code, there’s a charitable option for a myriad of different organizations, each hoping to inspire women and support them in their ambitions and needs. Check out the full list and more details on the campaign here.

Swipe right to doing the right thing and give back to women everywhere with the help of Tinder’s #FundHerCause this International Women’s Day.

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