Woman Loses 140 Lbs After Being Rejected By Crush, Turns Him Down Years Later

Remember that part of Legally Blonde where Elle Woods goes to law school to win back her ex-boyfriend, only to realize she’s better than that and kicks ass as a lawyer without needing the loser? You know, the whole plot? This Indianapolis woman made a similar revelation after she lost 140 lbs. due to one guy’s rejection.

Rachel Heffner, now 25, once weighed about 285 lbs at her lowest point. She would regularly consume multiple bottles of soda a day and wasn’t one to exercise. After her mother tragically passed away from cancer in 2004, Heffner put on a lot of weight. “I was a little chubby when I was a kid, but after my mum became really sick and passed away I gained a lot of weight,” she explained to Daily Mail. “Since I was so young when she died, I didn’t learn about nutrition from her and I was too set in my ways to listen to my dad’s advice about food.”

Heffner began relying on unhealthy foods: fizzy drinks, potato chips and sugary snacks. By the time she was 20 years old, her body mass index was over 50; this is the highest level of obesity, according to the World Health Organization. But all that changed after being outright rejected by her college crush.

She admitted that she started to lose weight in order to prove people wrong. “In college I was rejected by a boy and I wanted to show him that he’d made a mistake,” she explained. “I liked him and he didn’t like me, he made it known that it was because of the way that I looked and that he wasn’t attracted to me because I was heavier.” Ouch.

After being crushed by her crush, Heffner started her weight loss journey as a New Years Resolution six years ago, partly motivated by her roommate Sam. Her biggest difficulty was giving up soda. “At first my body missed the sugar, I had to gradually reduce it by switching to Gatorade before going to water.” She also began making her own meals and forcing herself to cut down on portions. “It was hard at first, whenever I was hungry I would snack on fruits or vegetables and before eating I’d drink a glass of water to help fill me up more.” Going to the gym regularly also helped.

But before she knew it, Heffner had lost 140 lbs. and is feeling a lot better about the way she looks.

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And what about the guy who rejected her? Heffner’s basically told him ‘boy bye.’ “He’s since asked me out a few times, but I’ve let him know that we’re just friends now and not romantic,” she reveals. “I also told him that he was the reason I started losing weight, which really shocked him and he apologized for what he said when we were younger.” But Heffner doesn’t hold a grudge; if he hadn’t rejected her in the first place, she may not be where she is today. But she has no interest in dating him anymore.

While the weight loss is super impressive, Heffner is dealing with one very negative outcome: extra saggy skin all over her body. She says she’s been trying to tone up for a long time, but it hasn’t worked and the extra skin is holding her back. “I can deal with stretch marks, but the loose skin haunts me and reminds me of the girl I used to be, all I want is finally be able to be comfortable in my own skin,” she explains.

Heffner is now crowd-funding, in addition to working three jobs and selling her possessions, in order to raise $15,000 by the end of the year for excess skin removal surgery.


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