How Satiregram Is Taking Over Instagram & Laughing Their Way Through It

One look at the hilarious Instagram account Satiregram, run by Euzcil Castaneto, and you can understand how they’ve cultivated a dedicated audience to their feed. Their posts are not only LOL-worthy but are also incredibly relatable. Satiregram takes all of those typical Instagram photos that we’re all guilty of posting (yes, all of us. Admitting is the first step, people.) and satirizes them in a way that keeps us laughing as we double-tap.

They’re taking all of those Instagram photos that may not be entirely “in the moment” and calling out the behind-the-scenes effort that really goes into creating that perfect Insta. We can totally relate to some of these pics. Who hasn’t taken a photoshoot of their dog in their cutest attire? Anyone who has a dog knows how much work goes into that Insta-ready image.

We recently chatted with the innovative and self-titled “epitome of a typical Instagram user” and learned so much about what makes Satiregram what it really is. Check out our interview with them below!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience with social media in the past?
I’m an advertising copywriter currently working at AKQA in San Francisco. My experience in social media was really just scrolling through Myspace (when it was a thing), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! When I started Satiregram and saw how big it got, I then took a real interest in the power of social media. I feel that everything we post online isn’t always a true representation of ourselves. We curate our identities online, we only show our highlights and we never “submit” our perceived imperfections.

What made you want to start Satiregram?
When I got my first smartphone in 2012, friends were wondering if I was going to join Instagram so that I could follow them and like their pictures. I knew about Instagram and didn’t want to join because I didn’t know what I’d do with it. I’m not very good at taking pictures, and all the pictures already being posted were kind of all the same. I loved to write and I especially loved making fun of things. That’s where Satiregram was born. I wanted to highlight the behavior behind each picture, I wanted to show what kind of thinking could be behind the camera and I wanted to highlight the thoughts before the finger hits the button to capture a “moment.” Not all moments captured on Instagram were actually captured in the moment, a number of them are contrived or over-produced or manufactured. And I think we can all take a step back and laugh at that because it’s obvious we want to show the world the best picture possible, but it’s also interesting to be reminded of self-awareness. Most of all, it’s important to know how to laugh at yourself and not to take everything so seriously.

Did you originally create the page for yourself and friends, etc.? Did you expect it to take off like it has?
I honestly wasn’t looking for fame, no one should. I made the page for me and my friends who also share the same sense of humor. One day I noticed a huge influx of followers, and I did a little research and found a few articles putting me on top ten lists and “funniest Instagram ever” types of articles. It’s still very surreal.

What are some of your favorite Instagram pics to satirize?
These days it’s candid photography because it’s funny to think about regular people asking their friends to take a bunch of photos of them in “action.” And then the subsequent scrolling through the 50+ shots in the Camera Roll to choose the right one to #liveauthentic and post.

Do you have any other ventures on the horizon or a direction you would want to take Satiregram in the future?
I have a couple ideas in the pipeline at the moment 😉

One of them involves either branching out into making prints people can put on their wall. We’ll see.

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