Jodi Camp Is The Makeup Guru You Need To Know

For Jodi Camp, a 21-year-old from Florida, makeup has always been an escape from reality. By day, she works as a server at her favorite breakfast spot. But in her free time, she spends time creating makeup looks and sharing them with her 13,500 Instagram followers.

Camp has come a long way since her time in the sixth grade, when she first became interested in makeup and wore a little too much black eyeliner. But one thing will always remain the same — she loves the beauty world and longs to turn her passion into a paycheck.

We talked to Jodi Camp about her epic makeup routines, favorite products and what it’s like to have that many IG followers.

How much time do you spend on your daily makeup routine?
My everyday makeup look usually takes about 30 minutes, sometimes five if I press the snooze button a few too many times.

What are some of the products that you use everyday?
Products I use on a daily basis would be the “Best Damn Lip Mask” from Nicole Guerrero. Another one would be the Benefit Total Moisture. I have to feel moisturized at all times or I get really anxious!

What are your favorite makeup brands?
Morphe and Anastasia Beverly Hills are my favorite makeup brands. I look up to both of the women behind these companies. They also are the first two brands that showed interest in me and believed in me.

How long does it take for you to create looks for your Instagram page? Do you have a favorite?
It usually take me like 3 hours to do a look for my makeup Instagram. Usually about an hour and a half doing my makeup, another 30 minutes for my hair, and I like to take my time with taking my pictures. I put on my favorite music, which helps me get into my zone. I don’t have a specific look that is my favorite, but the looks I enjoy doing the most are creative ones. I love challenging myself and getting my creative juices flowing!

How has your life changed since becoming so well-known on social media?
It’s hard to consider lil ol’ me “well-known” on social media. But yes, I have met such amazing people through my Instagram. I feel such a connection with my followers. It means the world to me that they support me as much as they do. I never would have imagine I would even get 100 followers, let alone 13,000! I am so thankful for each and everyone of them.

If you were allowed to bring only five makeup products with you to a deserted island, what would you choose?
I would bring a facial spray, highlighter, dip brow, nude lipstick and mascara.

What is your favorite beauty trend right now? What’s one that you hate and want to see gone immediately?
My favorite beauty trend right now is faux freckles, I think they make any look so cute! I wish the whole “contouring and highlighting with random objects” would stop. I’m all about doing whatever makes you happy, but come on girl, you’re contouring your face with hot dogs!

As for Jodi Camp’s favorite products…
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