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Increase The Girl Power With These Amazing International Women’s Day Memes


Cheers, ladies. It’s International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the many history-making accomplishments and everyday successes of women everywhere. The holiday is perfect for kicking back or kicking ass (whichever you prefer, it’s your day) and encouraging women to keep following their dreams, creating change and doing whatever makes them happy.

One of the easiest ways to get involved in empowering women is to speak out in support, particularly on social media. It can be as simple as posting a #GirlPower photo on Instagram or sharing snaps of the women who inspire you. Double-tapping a photo or adding a filter is a small stand of solidarity and support, one that might seem as though it’s not important but can actually make someone’s day, even if just for a momentary glance.

These photos, memes and quotes can hopefully add that extra female punch to your feed, giving you a chance to use your voice (not that you don’t do that already, as history has proven). It can connect you to other women and give you, if anything, a chance to make someone smile.

To all of the women, remember one thing, whether you’re a social media superstar or completely off the grid… In the immortal words of Beyonce, who runs the world? Girls. Keep runnin’ things, we need you now more than ever.

    Brooklyn-based writer and editor who is probably eating Mexican food and yelling something about feminism, the Kardashians and/or finding the perfect highlighter.