Becca Tilley Tells Fans What’s Really Happening With JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers

Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher may have found the love of her life while the star of season 12’s The Bachelorette, but she found her best friend while on season 20 of The Bachelor.

Fletcher and Becca Tilley met while dating the same guy, Ben Higgins, on The Bachelor. The contestants are together virtually 24/7 during filming and therefore get to know each other pretty well. During their time on the show, the two formed a friendship long withstanding their time in the mansion.

“JoJo is one of my best friends… she’s like a sister to me, so when we see each other it’s very easy to tell her if she’s annoying me or if I’m annoying her… we do everything together,” Becca told Elite Daily.

The true gauge of a relationship is what the best friend thinks, and there were some skeptics of Jordan’s true intentions. Becca weighed in on JoJo and Jordan’s relationship following the final rose and engagement.

“They’re really great together, [Jordan] really, really loves her, and I know she has the best time with him, so I’m happy for her,” Becca told Elite Daily.

Now that their relationship has Becca’s stamp of approval, we can chalk up this relationship as another victory for The Bachelor. We’re rooting for you, JoJo and Jordan!

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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