This Blogger Shows How To Gain Weight & Stay Fit

Summer is quickly approaching and most of us are wishing we had started working out months ago, training ourselves as dedicatedly as health blogger Jessica O’Brien. With the help of fitness guru Kayla Itsines’ aptly-titled ‘Bikini Body’ aka BBG exercise plan, O’Brien has transformed herself into somebody she never thought she could be.

Her case is a little different. While we all try not to tip the scale with our weight, Jessica O’Brien’s goal is the opposite: to gain weight. With the help of the BBG plan, she showed how to say #screwthescale, gain weight and look thin and healthy.

Wednesday, Jessica Instagrammed a snap showing how much eight pounds of muscle could really transform her physique for the better.

“I never had the confidence to wear a crop top before BBG. Sure not every day is a good one workout wise, but it has given me such a great sense of purpose and that’s where the accomplishment comes from,” O’Brien, who is originally from New Zealand, wrote in a post on her Instagram page.

She told Daily Mail Australia, “I used to do a lot of cardio, mostly running, and sometimes yoga. I guess I was fit for a runner, but not fit in the general sense.”

“I started to notice my body changing after taking transformation pictures,” she said.

But while Jessica was definitely looking slimmer, her weight was increasing.

After observing her results and realizing that she was looking and feeling better, O’Brien began to promote the empowering movement of #ScrewTheScales in protest of worrying about the never satisfying number on the scale.

Jessica is definitely a great reminder that we’re all capable of reaching our ultimate body #goals, all we have to do is be confident, be fit and remember one thing: weight is just a number.

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