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Comedian Responds To ‘When Is International Men’s Day?’ In A Hilarious Way

Richard Herring International men's Day

Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Yesterday was one of the most inspiring days ever, International Women’s Day. There were protests, marches and strikes to demonstrate how the workforce would be affected without the power of women. Just as they do when women usually argue for their fundamental rights, men questioned and resisted.

Thousands of men took to Twitter (effective!) to complain about not having their own celebratory day. If they utilized Google, they would know that International Men’s Day is on November 19, it’s just not as heavily honored or organized. Clearly, International Men’s Day isn’t as historically significant as its counterpart, because if it were to be at all organized, it wouldn’t be filled with anything of substance because men do not need to march and protest for basic human rights.

British comedian Richard K. Herring took to Twitter to respond to the thousands of men who felt a celebration of women meant a lack of appreciation for men. Annoyed by numerous men asking when International Men’s Day would be, Herring simply responded to as many people as he could.

Herring answered as many people as he could with hilarious, unique responses for each tweet. When asked why International Men’s Day wasn’t as elaborate as International Woman’s Day, his answer was also quite simple:


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