Kylie Cosmetics Shipped Empty Highlighters & Customers Are Furious

In February, Kylie Jenner revealed her latest Kylie Cosmetics product on social media and everyone literally went bonkers. She gave a sneak peek of her new Kylighters and even swatched every color across her arm. The beautiful pigmentation and intense glow of each of the highlighters made everyone melt and once the Kylighters were launched on her cosmetics website, they were sold out in minutes.

Those who had the luck to purchase them in time were eager to have them delivered and to try the highlighters out. When they arrived, there was one problem for many of those customers: there were no Kylighters.

Kylie Cosmetics shipped empty highlighters with just the packaging and not the actual product. The highlighters retail for $22 and obviously, customers were extremely upset.

This isn’t the only problem Kylie had to face with customers. Back in April 2016, customers complained after receiving terrible applicators in lip kits, with brushes that were completely ruined as though a dog chewed on them. Now the issue with her Kylighters is bringing even more fire to her cosmetics brand from raging customers.

If you thought that empty boxes of Kylighters were the only problems that these customers were facing, think again. Some consumers noticed something strange just from looking at the packaging. The products’ boxes that included labels of the shades’ names were discovered to actually hide the words “First Date” printed underneath. Odd, right? “First Date” isn’t even a name for any of the Kylighers. In fact, it’s a name of her limited edition blush shade from her Valentine’s collection. Why?

So far, no one’s questions are being answered for this predicament, at least by Kylie Jenner herself. But, Kylie Cosmetics’ customer service team is responding to customers through email and social media. They’re also sending new Kylighters to the customers who received empty ones in order to fix the problem.

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