Study Reveals The Most Highly Searched Sex Position In The United States

There are more sex positions out there than there are letters in the alphabet or fast food choices, and it seems as though Americans are looking to explore all of their options. According to a study by AskMen, there’s one sex position that is looked up above all others. After looking at Google searches by state, studies reveal that the United States is a huge fan of doggy style and a bit more curious about cowgirl.

The nation has spoken. Coming in at second place is 69, but cowgirl (or woman-on-top) ended up being the most searched position in 29 states. Despite winning over 29 out of 50 states, doggy still won the national search rate. We’re not too surprised that it won so much approval, considering the perks of the position. There were also some interesting results from New Jersey and Massachusetts. They seemed to be most curious to discover “facesitting.” …. Yikes.


The study didn’t stop there. With the data from google, AskMen also looked up what states did the most position searching in general. According to the image above, the darker the state is the more its residents do some dirty digging. Wyoming has searches twice the national average, but Washington DC has quadruple the number of searches than the average state. We don’t know what’s going on in our nation’s capital, but something’s going on there.

The data doesn’t exactly tell us why we got these results from Google. AskMen speculates:

I thought the invention of new sex positions was the sole provenance of teenage boys who’d never get the chance to try them, but it appears that the home-fires burn hot in America’s heartland. Wyoming, perhaps because there’s not much to do and no one to talk to, is extremely fond of a particular BDSM position. A reluctant search tells me that Magic Bullet is a position friendly to pregnant women, so it would seem that South Dakotans realize family planning and carnal pleasures need not be mutually exclusive.

Overall, the United States has some pretty creative sex positions. It probably stems from the diverse cultures that collide. Not only that, but now that women feel more and more empowered they have more of a say in what they like in the bedroom. But remember, simple is best. Even if missionary never made it as a popular position, you don’t have to bend over backwards to have fun in the bedroom.

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