Mother Surprises Son After Text Exchange Goes To Hell

If you thought you had funny conversations with your mom, this text exchange might have you beat.

A mother and son’s text conversation blew up after Imgur user IFartMoreThanHim shared screenshots of the conversation. The gallery received over 200,000 views in just 11 hours and the numbers continue to rise as Twitter’s #HellChallenge gains the popularity of Tweeters and anger of moms everywhere.

Tralenn, the teen dared to test his religious mom’s swear word boundaries, egged his mother on by asking if “hell” was a curse word. She started off calmly, replying, “It depends on how you are using it. It is in the Bible.” And like a whip, she snaps at her kid when he “jokingly” goads her by using the word flippantly. Despite her repeated disapproval, Tralenn continued to wind her up by using “hell” in every single one of his replies.

She was not amused in the slightest. Does this kid have a death wish? No one taunts their mother and gets away with it and this mom proved it.

After numerous taunts, she took matters into her own hands and warned him of her trek to his school. Tralenn called her bluff, but it became obvious that he was rattled by her threats. He made one final attempt by texting, “It’s a joke ma. I was just playing,” followed by silly emojis, but his mother was clearly unimpressed. She tried to warn you, kid.

Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.

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