Guys Reveal The Worst Things They’ve Ever Done To A Woman & Most Don’t Regret It

Guys — can’t live with them, can’t live without them. When meandering through the dating world, you experience all sorts of terrible things you never imagined — ghosting, heartbreak, getting stood up — but for some reason, we always come back for more.

But  we can’t help but wonder (pardon the Carrie Bradshaw-ism), do our dates ever regret being absolute a**holes? The men of Reddit are telling it to us straight, and you’re not going to like some of the answers. The below men revealed the worst things they’ve ever done to a woman and whether or not they regret it. Prepare to be… disturbed.

“In university a couple girls in my class approached me and insisted that I go out with their friend who I’d sat next to once or twice and nothing else. I gave her a look and she was pretty enough so I said to them, “sure, we’ll hang out over the summer.” I had forgotten that I had a flight that evening and was spending the summer with my family in France. I completely forgot she even existed until I saw her again in a lecture and thought, ‘Oh Neptune.'” – turtlewinstherace

“I had an ex that looked like she was going to develop a “I am not the best at X so I am going to give up” complex. She quit something that she was amazing at and that she had put in the 10000 hours for. We stayed friends and had ex-sex often. She started college and I could see the writing on the wall. She wanted to be a doctor but I could already tell she was giving up, but not because of grades (she had a 4.0). One of the last things I told her was that she would never be a doctor because she just gives up. That pissed her off and she stopped talking to me. Based on her personality, I figured she put her head on straight for a few months just to spite me.

I looked her up a while ago and it looks like she’s a doctor now working for/at NYU. I still feel kind of sh*tty for saying that to her, but maybe I helped?” – Khue

“Old roommate was a passive aggressive bitch and I got tired of her shit (she would bitch about dishes not realizing I don’t make dishes, and when I do, I just wash them after using them, and put them away when I’m heading to work) so I went into her garden with a large container of Morton’s salt, and poured that fucker into her garden during the winter. When spring came and the snow melted, she never understood why nothing would grow in the garden. Felt bad when I saw how much it bothered her and I may have dug up the garden later in the spring and replaced the dirt.” – crackedoak

“I told her I didn’t love her anymore even though it wasn’t true. She completely broke down and I had to stand there and act like I didn’t care while I was dying inside. It was the best thing for both of us at the time, but I still regret it every day of my life.” – missingherdearly

“So my ex cheated on me and threw out the relationship like garbage. I was crushed but then I got the “I still love you” blah blah blah message from her 2 months later. So I ended up fucking her brains out for 2 weeks, leading her on pretending that we could date againing knowing there was probably no way I’d ever date her. Started talking to another girl and told the ex it wasn’t going to work, she was crying and begging, damn did it feel good at the time, revenge was great. But now I kinda regret being such an asshole, I would’ve rather just said no in the first place so we had a chance to be friends and so I wouldn’t feel like so much of an asshole. But it’s whatever, life moves on. Next time around, I’ll be the bigger person and walk away.” – wackywill24

“I broke up with a girl and left her in a town in Germany. I do not regret it.” – ChancellorMerkin

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