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10 Celebrities You Forgot Were On ‘Dancing With The Stars’


Dancing With The Stars is a show filled with a lot of dancing and a questionable definition of the word “stars.” It’s a fascinating competition that garners millions of viewers… who all seem to forget exactly which celebrities competed for the grand prize once their respective seasons are over. There have been 24 seasons of DWTS and not all of the dancing stars have been A-listers, so it’s not exactly a shock that their names have been forgotten over time. Some have almost danced their way to the top and some not so much.

You might not remember their sambas or called in and voted for them, but these 10 celebrities (varying from A to Z-list) once attempted to shake their stuff for the coveted winner’s trophy. Get to know each of them and their placements and try not to say, “Wait… Kim Kardashian was on Dancing With The Stars?”

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