COED Ranked The 11 Best Spring Break Destinations & Can We Just Go To All Of Them?

Spring break is finally here. After weeks of dedicated studying (sometimes), working and pretending that the senioritis you’ve had since freshman year hasn’t begun to steal away your last shred of motivation, the one week of total relaxation and fun has arrived. One of the only stresses about every college student’s favorite week is planning the big spring break trip itself, especially when it comes to deciding where exactly to go.

COED has decided to alleviate all of that worry and to help college students out when it comes to making the big choice of where to spend spring break. This year they’ve decided to rank the 11 best spring break destinations of 2017, and it definitely does not disappoint. These locations look amazing, with options from Mexico to the Dominican Republic and all the way back to the USA. Whether you’re a beach bum or prefer to see the sights, the list has something for every different time of spring breaker.

Not only is COED providing their list of the best places, but they’re also giving students insight into the insider tricks when it comes to each different place on the list. Whether it comes to the best ways to spend money (buy the wristband, you won’t regret it) or the local laws (don’t end up in jail in a foreign country), they’ve got you covered. Please give this a better look than you gave all of your assigned readings during syllabus week. It’ll mean more to you.

It’s your time to unwind, so don’t spend it worrying about where to go and what to do. It’s time to treat yourself. COED has it taken care of and now your only stress is finding the perfect destination for your spring break.

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