McDonald’s Just Roasted Donald Trump On Twitter

In what turned out to be a more exciting Thursday morning than anyone could’ve ever expected, a tweet was posted from the official McDonald’s Twitter account mocking both President Trump’s presidency and, well, tiny hands.

The tweet is now deleted but lives on thanks to the modern-day habit of screenshotting anything that might be needed for later use. See also: receipts.

Twitter is going wild with responses to the tweet as shown below.

The tweet was pinned to the McDonald’s corporate account. Shortly after, McDonald’s spoke out, saying that the profile had been compromised by some sort of hack.

As usual, the people of Twitter have other theories.

They’re also offering the purchase of nuggets in exchange for the tweet to be put back up.

One question: What would President Trump have to say about his old McDonald’s commercial now?

Suddenly have a strong craving for fries…

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