Satisfy Your Cravings With The 9 Best New Guilt-Free Snacks

“Guilt-free” and “snacks” aren’t often in the same sentence. Usually, snacking means late-night nachos, drunk pizza runs, or junk food binges with your friends. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re working on your summer bod or are still going strong with your New Year’s resolution, tasty┬ásnacks are key when it comes to eating right.

If you’re still in college, you know that dorm life is all about snacking. Irregular class schedules, activities and napping are probably getting in the way of you eating three square meals a day, so it’s easier than ever to grab and go with whatever’s convenient. Make sure whatever you’re grabbing won’t leave you in a sugar coma or bloated from too many carbs.

Whether you’re craving something salty or sweet, we have the snack for you. From healthy versions of your favorite childhood treats┬áto new twists on classic snacks, these are some of the best new snacks of 2017.

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