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Serial Dine & Dash Jerk Lowers Bar For Men Even Further


Paul Gonzales dine and dash

Dating apps usually provide users with at least a handful of cringe-worthy stories, but a man from Los Angeles has been doing his part to sufficiently lower expectations even further by repeatedly dining and dashing on several dates.

Articles were first posted in August, claiming that a man going by the name of Paul Gonzales was ordering expensive meals, only to, well, get up and leave.

“The woman said things got weird when he ordered over $100 worth of food for himself,” according to the article by CBS Los Angeles. Gonzales claimed that it was due to bodybuilding and a need to load on the calories for building muscle. Another woman came forward after seeing the story to share her own experience, making him a serial d-bag… and criminal.

Gonzales is back at it again for the free food. This time he’s luring women under a Bumble profile with the name Dave Gonzales, according to CBS Los Angeles.

The woman met Gonzales at a BJ’s in Pasadena, where he immediately ordered his long list of a meal.

According to the woman, he ordered “a glass of pinot, a Caesar salad with a side of shrimp, a steak and a baked potato.”

Clearly, this guy is sparing no expense. After he ate most of his meal, he said he needed to take a call and never returned.

“The waiter came back and said ‘He’s not out there. Is this a first date?’ And I said: ‘Yes, this is a first blind date,’ and he said, ‘He’s gone,'” the woman told CBS LA.

Unsurprisingly, the women never heard back from Gonzales when they contacted him in reference to the stunt.

He’s also committed a cut-and-run. Following a haircut and color, he left without paying, smock still on.

“According to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, 44-year-old Gonzales has two bench warrants out for his arrest after not showing up to court for petty theft and driving without a valid license. Records show he’s already been to jail several times for misdemeanor arrests,” the article reports.

To the ladies of LA: be wary of Paul Gonzales. Swipe left.

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