Netflix Lets You Skip The Opening Song Now, So See You In Six Hours

In a new update that is a total game-changer, especially for Orange is the New Black fans (because let’s be real, that theme song is ENDLESS) you can now skip the intro song on Netflix with just the click of a button.

Sorry, Regina Spektor.

The new “skip intro” button was, of course, discovered by Reddit users, and allows viewers who are bingeing to avoid watching that over a minute-long opening credits (“You’ve Got Time” is, incidentally, a good song, but no one has that much time.)

Of course, the intro song is important if you’re watching a show for the first time; it allows you to become familiar with the cast, give credit where credit is due, and appreciate the art form (Game of Thrones, for example, has a gorgeous opener.) Still, if you’re four seasons in and you know that if someone tied you to a chair facing away from the TV and demanded you detail exactly what is going on without looking or you would die and you could do it, the button is a good option. (What? You never know.)

This does mean that my years of perfecting scrolling to exactly the point where Carol King’s vocals die out in the Gilmore Girls opener are for nothing, but I’m willing to take one for the team. No one seemed to appreciate that party trick anyhow.

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