The Obama-Biden Bromance Is Coming To The Big Screen, & We’re Here For It

Nothing in this cruel world is purer than the memes of Vice President Joe Biden’s friendship with President Barack Obama. Nothing.

Thankfully, Universal Pictures seems to agree, because it has optioned a book proposal about the White House “as a workplace” under the Obama administration and the relationships of those working there. In other words, it will (it had better) show us a glimpse into the most wholesome friendship the Internet has ever dreamed up.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the book will be called From the Corner of the Oval, by former White House stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein, and there will be a “high-concept workplace comedy” to follow. Even though the book hasn’t been released yet, Dorey-Stein already has a seven-figure two-book deal with┬áSpiegel & Grau, the first of which is expected to be released in 2018.

The movie will be produced by Michael Sugar (the producer of Spotlight), along with Nicole Clemens and Ashley Zalta.

As a workplace comedy, it may be similar to the likes of Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, or, probably most notably, Veep.

Here’s hoping that the comedy has an in-depth look at the Obiden bromance (and that it lives up to the memes.)

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