The Most Iconic Moments From Season 5 Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Dare we say that this was the most iconic season of Vanderpump Rules yet? It was a truly wild ride. Who knew Katie and Tom Schwartz’s impending nuptials could cause so much drama? Well… we shouldn’t have been so surprised with this crazy group. The drama was non-stop throughout the entirety of season five and we are so grateful for that.

This past season had everything from James and Lala causing as much chaos as they could to a surprise feud between the newly single Stassi and the fired-up Ariana. James and Jax’s issues also came to a disastrous head while Katie and Tom Schwartz all but broke up mere weeks before their wedding. We’re still amazed by how much drama one group of friends can go through in such a short time.

Vanderpump Rules Zodiac

We’re so sad that the season is ending, we may need to pour a few Pumptinis. At least the season provided us with some amazing moments. Let’s take a look at the best moments from season five of Vanderpump Rules.

1. James and Lala crash a party.

James Kennedy Vanderpump Rules

Pretty sure the GIF sums up just how messy things got between James, Lala and the original SUR crew. James and Lala started this season’s reign of terror when they tried to crash the table that Stassi, Jax and co. were sitting at. The two didn’t receive a warm welcome and things went downhill from there. The terrible twosome proceeded to make fun of Stassi and Katie’s weight (James even asked Katie if she was pregnant… Yikes). Jax was about 1000% done with James from the moment he showed up and charged at the DJ extraordinaire. It was close to being an all-out brawl between the two but luckily for James, Jax was still on probation from his previous sunglass heist so he couldn’t get in too much trouble.

2. Jax and James’ brawl (parts 1 & 2).

Vanderpump Rules James

It didn’t take long for Jax and James to go at it for real, this time in SUR. After rumors about James hooking up with a SUR hostess (while he was dating his current girlfriend) came to light, James and Jax traded ridiculous quips back and forth… in front of all of SUR’s patrons. The spat ended with James telling Jax to make some more Pumptinis and cosmopolitans. It was really Jax who got the last laugh because Lisa Vanderpump fired James after the outburst, leaving SUR DJ-less.

Jax just couldn’t stay away from James even after the Brit got fired from SUR. He showed up to “check out” James’ new DJ gig. He then made fun of his arch nemesis which led to people having to, once again, separate the two before someone got hurt. We’re beginning to think that these two like their little spats more than they lead on.

3. The bridal party from hell.

Vanderpump Rules Scheana

Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter Pandora probably had no idea what she’d be getting into as she decided to throw Katie another bridal shower-esque party. Or maybe she did and she just loves drama as much as we do. Stassi and Ariana managed to put their random feud behind them while Katie couldn’t help but involve herself. Scheana tried to step in and defend her BFF Ariana but Katie was not having it. Scheana then all but called Katie an alcoholic and Katie told Scheana that people think she’s fake. It was another disastrous moment for bridezilla Katie. Scheana stormed out and away from the table, carrying all of the attention along with her. The two eventually made up but we have a feeling that this isn’t the last tiff we’ll see between Tequila Katie and Attention-Obsessed Scheana.

4. Katie and Tom Schwartz’s many, many fights.

Katie Vanderpump Rules

Ok, let’s just say it: These two should not be getting married. That’s apparent to everyone except Katie and Schwartz. Let’s take a look at all of the things these lovebirds very sweetly did in the months and weeks leading up to their wedding. Schwartz called Katie a b*tch, Katie said that Schwartz should tell everyone that his d*ck doesn’t work and Schwartz said that he wanted to call off the wedding after cheating allegations against him once again came to light at their joint bachelor/bachelorette party. These are only brief snippets of the extreme venom that these two spewed at one another. Maybe this is all because of the wedding planning stress? We’ll never truly know but let’s hope that they get it together for the sake of their marriage.

5. Tom Sandoval defending his true love friend Tom Schwartz.

Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandoval

There could be an entire novel written about the beauty of this moment. We’re calling it right now, it’s the most iconic moment in Vanderpump Rules history. No, let us correct that – it is the most iconic moment in television history period. There is too much hilarity in this one moment that it’s almost surreal. Tom Sandoval is about one million notches past extra in his anger over the whole situation. Sure, he’s defending his BFF Tom Schwartz but to call his friend a battered wife at the hands of Katie is extremely dramatic. He kicked down the door with the might of five table-flipping Teresa Giudices and pointed at Schwartz sulking in his room, exactly in the frame of the very well-placed camera. Oh, and this is all going on as they’re both in the stripped down phases of the drag outfits that they donned for Schwartz’s bachelor party. This is true reality TV here folks. No amount of planning could have crafted such a gloriously natural messy moment. Game of Thrones could never!

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