Thanks To MISSHA, Snail Slime May Become A Big Part Of Your Beauty Routine

Not just a European delicacy, snails can now upgrade your skincare routine. Thanks to two of Kbeauty retailer MISSHA‘s products, the Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask, and the Cell Renew Snail Hydro-Gel Mask, you are just a few steps (and snails) away from tighter, highly hydrated skin. These products are especially great to use if the winter has been tough on your skin or if you’re trying to get that dewy glow just in time for spring. Made to be used as part of your all-important nighttime routine, both products are infused with snail slime extract and are made with healing and hydrating properties.

Before you get grossed out, just know that snail slime contains natural acids and properties that help brighten and prevent future damage. Ah, the things we do for beauty.

First, start off with your usual beauty routine. Brush your teeth and use your favorite cleanser before using MISSHA’s products. After you’ve washed your face, apply the Hydro-Gel Mask and spread it evenly across your face. The formula is creamy and soothing and doesn’t dry too quickly. After taking a few terrifying selfies, leave it on for 20-40 minutes. Tip: watch Netflix while you wait. As you wait, the mask might start to slip off, but just adjust it back in place. Once you remove it, there will still be leftover product on your face, so make sure to pat it lightly into your skin. It definitely leaves you feeling like you just had a professional facial.


Right after the Hydro-Gel Mask, follow up with the Snail Sleeping Mask, in lieu of your usual moisturizer. My skin type is sensitive and generally dry so I was excited to see the results of both. While the Hydro-Gel Mask didn’t exactly reap long-term benefits (or at least, that I’ve noticed yet), it added that soothing factor to my routine. Once I woke up in the morning, I could tell that my complexion felt more firm thanks to the Snail Sleeping Mask and that I didn’t need to apply too much moisturizer.

Preparing for bed after a long day should be a relaxing process, and these two affordable products help make that a reality by bringing spa-like comfort to you without spa prices… or even having to leave your home.

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