This Chicago Teenager Was Gang Raped On Facebook Live & Not One Person Called The Police

A 15-year-old girl was gang raped in Chicago on Friday night while walking home from a local store, and to make the situation even more disgusting, the rape was filmed via Facebook Live. Roughly 40 people watched the stream, but not one person tried to contact authorities or help the girl who was being attacked.

The police were informed of the rape by Chicago superintendent Eddie Johnson, who was contacted by the victim’s mother, Stacy Elkins, while leaving a news conference. Elkins gave the Johnson screenshots of the Facebook Live video, which was found online by another family member. After presenting screenshots of the video, the police contacted Facebook and had the video footage deleted immediately.

The girl was believed to have been missing since Sunday night but was found. Prior to her daughter’s return, Elkins told the news that in the video her daughter looked scared and the men were physically and verbally abusive toward her. The video itself also showed the victim in various stages of undress while the group attacked her and continued to surround her.

“I saw her face and the look on her face was just pure fear. And I, I just want my daughter home,” she said. Thankfully, Elkins’ daughter was found this morning four blocks away from her home. According to the police, she is in good condition and has safely been returned to her mother.

While the assault in itself is horrible, it is unbelievable that not one person who watched the assault take place made any action to stop it. The police are currently looking for the five to six males who sexually assaulted the victim.

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