This Guy Catfished Someone For Two Years By Pretending To Be A Woman

Catfish is one of the craziest shows on TV, but thanks to its latest episodes, things just got a whole lot weirder.

Danny and “Rosa” spent the last two years getting to know each other online. I repeat, two years — that’s not a quick dip in the pool. But Danny didn’t seem to be noticing just how shady Rosa way. Not only was she constantly standing him up, but she had three Facebook pages. You know, HUGE red flag. Nonetheless, Danny still wanted to have a child with her.

The kicker? When Nev and Max did some investigating, they found out that Rosa’s real name was Jose, a man who lives in a totally different state. Honestly, he was so good at doing a woman’s voice that I was also completely stunned when they unveiled who Rosa really was. I can’t help but give props to Jose for his talent.

Twitter felt the same. Their reactions were priceless:

Even though Danny was furious at Jose for pranking him for the last two years, he approached the situation pretty well and the two formed a connection that left us crying our eyes out.

Jose went through a lot in the past, but he managed to move on, move out, and get a new job. He also found support from his church. It was heartwarming, but really sucked for Danny. Moral of the story? Never trust people you meet online — ever.

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