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21 Ways Men Actually Do Benefit From Birth Control


  1. It keeps you from being a father
  2. It keeps you from being a father
  3. It keeps you from being a father
  4. You can enjoy safe sex with your partner
  5. Your partner will like you better for respecting her as a person
  6. You don’t have to discuss abortions or family planning
  7. You don’t need to pick out baby names
  8. You don’t have to buy a stroller
  9. You don’t have to pay child support
  10. You don’t need to decide whether to raise your children with religion or not
  11. Not everything is about you
  12. Seriously, once in a while try thinking about a situation NOT in relation to you
  13. Why does everything have to be about men
  14. Women are people too???
  15. Seriously
  16. If you think you don’t benefit, you’ve never touched a woman
  17. And I genuinely hope you never do
  18. Since you don’t think women are people
  19. This is turning into an odd form of poetry
  20. I’m going to go get my stress ball now
  21. This is getting me really worked up
    The End


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