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This Girl Is Getting Rich From Tinder With One Easy Trick



What if I told you that you could make money off Tinder without having to hook up with a creep? What if I told you that it was totally legal? Would you believe me?

Well, one girl proved it was possible and is continuing to make money just by swiping right. Tinder user Maggie Archer found a quick and easy way to make money on the popular dating app and we’re all wondering why we never thought of it before. The 20-year-old wrote an enticing bio that encouraged men to send her money in order to reap the mysterious rewards.


Wouldn’t you be curious? A lot of her matches were very intrigued and her Paypal account proves that curiosity killed the cat. Since writing her profile, Archer has received a steady flow of income from thirsty matches.

Archer shared her screenshots of her clever trick on Twitter. In one of the conversations she shared with followers, a match asked where he could send the money. She replied with her Paypal information. After the money is transferred, Archer unmatched him. Foolproof.

You must be wondering: how could this possibly be legal? Well, my friends. It’s very simple. Archer explained it to Buzzfeed:

It’s really a foolproof plan because I’m not actually promising anything, I just say, ‘See what happens.’ A surprising amount of men take the bait.

In just a couple days, Archer’s account has received multiple “donations” towards curiosity, with the highest being $10. We also learned that she received money from more than 20 guys in less than a week. After sharing this tactic on Twitter, other people have been trying it out and it’s working like a charm. Dang, I have to try this out myself.

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