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Twitter Is Loving This Brilliantly Relatable Photo Edit

This Girl's Brilliant Photo Edit Is Something We Can Seriously All Relate To


We all have that one picture. You look incredible and the photo is worth posting… but the other person in the pic is no longer your friend. You also don’t want to delete the photo because yes, it probably brings back bad memories, but you can’t just delete a picture where you look amazing. Usually, people crop out that ex-friend, but instead, Serena Caballero decided to do something else pretty genius.

Caballero’s post on Twitter immediately went viral when she shared two photos, one with her and her ex-friend posing on a car and another photo of just her kneeling by the car and her friend completely edited out, replaced by filling in the background. Her edit looks so realistic that it caught all of Twitter’s attention

And her caption was totally relatable. “Y’all ever stop fw someone but like the way YOU looked in the pic…so you gotta…”

Those who commented on her post all asked the same question: how did she do it? Her answer? PicsArt, not even Photoshop. It’s an app that allows you to edit photos in unbelievable ways. You can create memes, stickers and even, the handiest tool, draw on photos, which was what Caballero did with her picture. She was able to capture the same colors from the background and color and draw over her friend to make it appear as though no one was there from the beginning.

Inspired Twitter users put the app to work and used it on their own photos. Many people were able to draw over ex-friends and exes, completely editing out their existence in the picture. Now instead of deleting, it’s time for posting and slaying.

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