This Makeup Brand Is Hoping To Turn Political Anger Into Philanthropy

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s elections, a reported 64% of people are very unhappy (the approval rating currently sits at 36% according to Gallup). One new beauty brand is so unhappy that they’ve created a lipstick that gives a huge middle finger to the commander in chief and smashes the patriarchy at the same time.

The brand is called Lipslut. They sell just one product, a cruelty-free “F*ck Trump Lipstick,” which can be yours for $20. Anti-Trump purchasers can feel better about buying it because not only does it have a strong message but 50% of the proceeds will also be donated to a women’s charity, which shoppers will help to choose at checkout with a voting system. You can pick Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women and Human Rights Campaign, as well as several other options.

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Katie Sones, a junior at Cal Poly’s San Luis Obispo campus, is the brains behind the shade. She wrote on the brand’s website, “Let’s just say we aren’t too pleased with our current socio-political landscape and the standards of the cosmetics industry in general. Chances are you aren’t either. Rather than complaining, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.”

She also explained why there is only one hue option, “Offering one color allows us to keep our business practices lean and our visibility high early on. While we plan to offer a wide shade selection of shades soon, don’t fret; we’re certain it’s impossible to look bad wearing something called ‘F*ck Trump.”

The company does seem to be exploring the idea of expanding.

“People are going to buy lipstick either way, so if you could do that and have the money go somewhere that you support, that would be perfect,” Sones told her college newspaper, Mustang News. She is in the process of deciding on a cruelty-free manufacturer to create the Lipslut lipsticks in the coming weeks.

If you’re looking for your lips to do the talking, Lipslut may be the answer.

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