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9 Products To Step Up Your Beauty Routine This Spring


As the weather heats up, there are more than a few adjustments we have to make when transitioning into the new season. Soon we’ll be putting away the fur-lined parkas and bringing out our sandals. We’re also probably a little more motivated to hit the gym now that we can no longer hide our bloat under a chunky sweater. One of the biggest changes is adjusting our standard beauty routine to fit into spring.

Winter is without a doubt the worst season for everyone’s skin. From feeling the biting wind during every commute to constantly having hot showers and baths, there are more than a few after-effects. If you live in a cold climate, you’re no stranger to exfoliators and heavy-duty lotion. Luckily, beauty routines in the warmer seasons are less high-maintenance and much more budget-friendly.

With a new season comes an embrace of more natural makeup and the simplification of the products you use. From being more diligent about using SPF to using coral-based makeup, here are nine beauty products that you should be incorporating into your routine this spring.

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