These K-Pop Stars Spent $90,000 On Plastic Surgery For A Freakin’ Music Video

Spending a ridiculous amount of money on plastic surgery in hopes of looking like your favorite celebrity is a terrible idea. But you know what’s even worse? Spending $90k on plastic surgery to “look pretty” for a music video.

K Pop band SixBomb made headlines recently with its ongoing plastic surgery project that will literally blow your mind. In February, the band released a music video titled “Becoming Prettier (Before)”, where the four members are seen getting facials and having their nails done. What looks relatively normal is interrupted by long scenes of them flipping through books filled with photos of faces, each girl picking out features they’d like to see on themselves. By the end of it, you realize that they’re getting their entire faces redone ahead of their next video.

Yeah, it’s weird AF. Check it out:

In a month’s time and post-surgery, SixBomb promised fans they’d return with the second part of the installment. On March 16, they delivered their promise with the follow-up “Becoming Prettier (After).” The video starts with them visiting plastic surgery clinics and goes on to show them entering operating rooms. By the end of it, they’re revealing their new faces, which included nose jobs, breast implants, double eyelid procedures.

In total, the women spent about $90,000 on the surgeries, but they didn’t have to pay the bill — the band’s management took care of it.

“We haven’t committed any crimes,” Kim Il-Woong, the band’s head manager, told AFP. “Our only crime would be talking about it in such an open manner.”

“I really love my new face and am proud of how good I look on TV screens,” the band’s singer, Dain, said, adding that she’d be happy with “any kind of public attention, good or bad.”

Soa, another SixBomb member, didn’t feel the same. “I really liked and was satisfied with my previous eyes, so I had to think long and hard before deciding to take part in this concept,” she said.

Honestly, we’re kind of creeped out. If you want to have plastic surgery, go for it, but for a music video? Seems like a bit much. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

[H/T: Refinery29]

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