Google Is Trying To Help You Get In Shape

Getting to the gym is a daily struggle — why would you want to spend an hour doing crunches when you can spend it drinking wine and rewatching Gossip Girl? — but Google is trying to help you out.

The company just started Reserve with Google, a platform that will allow you to search out fitness classes in your area and their availability. You can do a super general search, or get specific with what you’re looking for by choosing the type of class you’re interesting in suffering through. Each class also provides users with a thorough description and a user rating, so you won’t have to worry about walking into an advanced class that leaves you unable to walk for two weeks.

According to Cosmopolitan, Google ran a pilot for the product in New York, LA and San Francisco, but now it’s available across the country. Once you book your first class, the app will then make recommendations on your past bookings and reviews. Fingers crossed they start recommending beer yoga — now there’s a class I can get behind.

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