Astrid Bavaresco Talks ‘WAGS Miami’ & Her Dream Guy

We’re a slave to reality TV. Between Vanderpump Rules, The Bachelor and virtually every Real Housewives show known to man, the majority of our time spent in front of the TV is dedicated to watching the lives of reality stars and talking about them as if they were actually our friends. WAGS Miami is no exception. Centered around athlete wives and girlfriends and their extravagant lifestyle, there’s definitely no shortage of drama (or clothes we wish we had in our closet).

We chatted to WAGS Miami star Astrid Bavaresco to talk about how her life has changed since being on the show and her dream guy.

What are some of the misconceptions about WAGS and how do they affect your life?
I think a big misconception is that reality personalities don’t have a lot going for themselves. It is really hard for me to portray that I am a business owner and in graduate school throughout the show. I would like for people to know that I have more substance than the show displays.

What’s it like being on reality TV?
It is definitely a great experience. I ended up on WAGS because my best friend Claudia got a call from the network. They asked if she had a friend that has or is dating an athlete. I was at the time, so she dragged me along.

Do you watch WAGS LA?
Yes, I actually love WAGS LA! One of the reasons why I agreed to do WAGS Miami is because I thought it would be similar to the LA cast.

What was your favorite moment while filming? Craziest?
My favorite moment was [premiering] my swimwear line Hera Swim at swim week for the first time. Craziest… Croatia! That whole trip was just wild!

What are your future plans with reality TV and beyond?
Well, I hope WAGS Miami goes on for many seasons. I want my business to grow and to finish my master’s degree.

Are there any athletes you have your eye on right now? 
I do. You have to watch season two for that!

Describe your dream guy.
My dream guy is ambitious, goal driven, honest, tall, strong, and very very family oriented!

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