John Stamos Helped This Guy Propose To His Girlfriend & It’s Hilariously Adorable

Proposals are very nerve-wracking. Planning the moment takes a lot of creativity, especially when it comes to going all out for your love. There are a lot of things to consider. Where? When? How? What are you going to say? Most people find it difficult to plan the perfect proposal, so much so that they may lean on a family member or friend to give them ideas. However, this man managed to get ahold of the Full House actor John Stamos to say the words for him instead.

In the video Doug Cox posted on Facebook, he’s writing an email to Stamos, explaining how his girlfriend has a huge obsession with him and how 34% of space in his DVR is occupied with every season of Full House.

“You see, John, my girlfriend has a John Stamos problem,” he writes in the email. “Therefore, I have a John Stamos problem.”

The video proceeds to show Stamos recording himself reading the email out loud and giving a few additional comments to the camera.

“Look, I’m sorry Doug, about the space it’s taking on your DVR,” Stamos jokes in the video. “Get a bigger one!”

While the video shows Stamos reading the email, in the bottom right corner is Cox’s girlfriend Katrina reacting to the video. Just like how any other girl would react to a video from none other than John Stamos reading your boyfriend’s email, she was in a total frenzy and completely starstruck. But what struck her the most was what Stamos said next in the video.

“‘I have a problem,” Stamos reads from the email. “My girlfriend, Katrina, is the most amazing human being I’ve ever met. She’s kind, she’s genuine, she can win over a room in seconds. I want to marry this woman but there’s a brick wall in the way, a six-foot-tall Greek god with better hair than me, and John, I have fantastic hair.'”

John Stamos Helps This Guy Propose To His Girlfriend & It's Hilariously Adorable

“You’re asking me to help you ask your beautiful girlfriend Katrina to get married,” Stamos clarifies. “Katrina, I would say yes to this.”

How could she say no?

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