Get Summer Ready With This Easy DIY Fitness Routine

When spring began, you might have realized that summer is just around the corner and you somehow didn’t stick to your New Year’s resolution of getting fit. Maybe you skipped the gym or didn’t feel like dieting. Maybe winter just wasn’t your season and routines aren’t exactly your thing. Either way, have no fear.

There are some realistic solutions, whether or not you are a gym person and especially if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to stick to a routine. We have all seen those fad┬áchallenges on Pinterest but the problem with them is that everyone is different and has different needs for their bodies to work out. Maybe you’re not ready to do 100 squats on day three… That is completely fine.

The best solution is a DIY workout calendar. Create your own version of a 30-day challenge or a 60-day challenge. It will motivate you to kill it on your workouts and it will be created and designed for you. Here’s how you can get fit for summer.

Using Google docs or Microsoft Word, open up a template for a calendar and pick the date you want to start your routine. Each day, write down your goals and what you hope to accomplish. For example, you can write 30 crunches, 10 push-ups, 40 squats and run for 15 minutes. Anything you want, you choose. Each day increase the rate in an amount that works for you and make sure to mix up your workouts, including rest days and adjustments based on your schedule.

If you want, you can even add goals as to how many calories or carbs you want to intake on those days. Write down rules and highlight the days on which you want to achieve your goals in one color and rest days in another. If you want to take it a step further with meal planning, that can be something to include too.

Make sure you leave space in the boxes so that when you print it out you can add notes. After it’s completed and printed, decide what your ultimate goal is and write it down. If you want to tone up, add notes on the days you’re noticing changes in your muscle tone. If you want to lose weight, write the weight you are on day one and add in updates to your weight every week.

With this challenge that you have mapped out for yourself hanging on your wall, you’ll be able to go for your goals and see your progress. If you’re unsure of workouts there is plenty of information to look at online for targeting different body parts and videos of fitness tutorials. With this DIY challenge you will not only be able to make yourself proud and stay on track, but you will be ready to hit the beach when summer comes around.

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