The Iconic ’90s Tooth Gems Are Coming Back Strong

Recently, a lot of fashion trends from the ’90s have been returning with their own modern reinterpretations. From chokers to platform shoes, people are now remembering tooth gems. If you ever had a tooth gem, you were seriously looked up to as a fashionable badass.

This fun accessory is making a comeback for trendy people out there and they come in tiny unique pieces in gold, silver, or even a crystal gem. The accessory is bonded to the tooth by using a special adhesive to stick and keep it on for years. It’s like adding a little more sparkle to your smile and you can put as many as you want. But dentists advise people to never try it at home because it can cause some serious damage to your tooth’s natural enamel.

While the trend died down a decade ago, celebrities now are bringing it back in style and rocking it, including singer Katy Perry back in 2015 with a Nike “check” logo on one of her teeth. Singer Halsey has also been dressing up her tooth with a gold star gem since January 2017.

But tooth gems aren’t just for celebrities — everyone is starting to be creative with their looks and expressing themselves. L.A.’s Tooth Kandy was the one who gave model Adwoa Aboah her crystal-studded Chanel logo gem on one of her front teeth. The looks will also soon be appearing on the cover of i-D magazine, among other fashion publications.

Beauty bloggers everywhere are also getting their hands on these creative accessories to complete looks. For those gorgeous shots of colorful, glossy and glittery lip art, bloggers use tooth gems to top off their looks and they’re undeniably stunning. It’s never too late to get one yourself and join the trend.

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