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5 Creative Cocktails To Help Remedy Common Cold Symptoms



I’m the type of person that gets sick every time the seasons change. Mid-winter? Fit as a fiddle. Mid-summer? Healthy as an ox. The moment the weather starts to shift, on the other hand? My nose starts running and my throat feels like I swallowed a handful of needles.

When I first started bartending, it was the holiday season and people asked for hot drinks like Irish Coffee and Hot Toddys. My coworkers even taught me a few variations and recipes to give to some sniffling customers. Here are a couple of cocktail recipes I’ve picked up that work wonders as alcoholic at-home remedies.

Hot Toddy

This drink does wonders for the common cold. It warms you up in all the right places and it actually has some scientific evidence that it soothes cold symptoms. A hot toddy is simple hot herbal tea, honey, some whiskey and a squeeze of lemon. Whiskey is known as a great decongestant while the tea helps relax you. By the time you finish a cup, you’ll be breathing easier and you might even be able to take a restful nap.

Hot Apple Toddy

AppleToddy 🍎 #appletoddy #itscoldoutside #drinksomewarminhere

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This is a variation on the hot toddy that might be better for those with a sweeter tooth. This cocktail substitutes tea for apple cider and a few extra spices like cinnamon and star anise. You can play around with the recipe, but you should definitely try it with honey whiskey (like Honey Jack) along with the normal honey. It’s so good.

Tequila & Salt

It’s not exactly a relaxing cure-all, but all my co-workers swear by this remedy. The sharp taste of the tequila will make your nose run and help with the congestion temporarily. Plus, the salt will put some zing back into you. This remedy is handy for if you need a quick boost rather than to relax at home.


You know how chicken noodle soup tastes better when you’re sick? Now you can have something similar in a cocktail. A Bullshot is similar to a Bloody Mary, except it uses broth instead of tomato juice. If you look up the recipe it looks like you’re making a soup instead of a cocktail, but it’ll definitely make you feel better when you’re sick.

St. Bruno’s Cure

Matt Duckor

This gin-based drink is a little complicated and you probably don’t have the ingredients lying around your house, but this is a tasty number that you’ll even want to drink when you’re healthy. The recipe is startlingly similar to the apple toddy except it uses gin and chartreuse for the alcohol and a couple dashes of angostura bitters. Trust me, you have to try it.

It might not be winter anymore, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared throughout the year. Even if you’re not a big drinker, give these curative cocktails a try the next time your nose is running.

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