8 Essentials For Surviving Music Festival Season

Music festival season is officially upon us and while getting the tickets first might be the most important thing on the to-do list, you’re also going to have to start planning on bringing those fest essentials. You could be flying out to the desert for Coachella or you could just be driving a short distance to a local festival. No matter how far you’re trekking, you’ll have to plan ahead for any situation.


At a festival, you have to be prepared for the worst possible scenario. Forgetting to pack your favorite crop top? Not fatal. Getting sick before you get to see your favorite set? Maybe you should start panicking.

Whether you’re glamping, staying at a hotel, or full-on camping out, here’s every item you need to get your through all the music festivals on your calendar. Also, don’t forget a killer outfit. Even if you do forget a few items on this list, just remember, you, and all the other thousands of people around you are all there because you love one thing: music.

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