New Study Shows Rate Of Unprotected Sex Is Staggeringly High

Spring is here and rabbits aren’t the only ones getting it on. I know, bad joke. All kidding aside, sexual health and awareness are important to put into practice. Sadly, Europe and the United States aren’t the best role models to spread this sentiment. In a study conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, researchers found that many sexual partners are disregarding common safe sex procedures. But that begs the question: why are we putting ourselves at risk when it’s so easy to avoid? I know “the talk” could be a huge mood killer, but I’ll take that over an STI or peeing on a stick any day.

They surveyed 1,000 Europeans and 1,00 Americans and “asked them about using protection during sex, their concerns about unprotected sex, and their willingness to openly engage with their partners about preventing sexually transmitted infections.”

The results of their study were discouraging. On average, 55.1% of Europeans have unprotected sex. Americans have a staggering 65.5% rate of unprotected sex. We can only speculate as to why Americans are in the lead by a full ten percent, however Superdrug Online thinks it might have to do with the circumcision rate between the two. Interestingly enough, women on both continents are especially guilty of tossing the condom. A staggering 36.8% of American women have unprotected sex. I shudder to think of how many STIs are passed on the daily…

The most ironic part of this study is that despite the high rates of unprotected sex, a large number of participants would be devastated by an unplanned pregnancy. Nearly one in five subjects said that they would have been devastated by an unplanned pregnancy. I just don’t see how putting on a condom can be so hard to do, especially if it can prevent an STI and a pregnancy.

Additionally, 15.2 percent of respondents who aren’t ready for kids have unprotected sex almost every time, while 12.7 percent engage in this behaviour sometimes. Still, only 14.8 percent of respondents who indicated they would be devastated if their partner got pregnant never have unprotected sex.

It’s not hard to get the supplies and it’s even easier to use them. If you really don’t want an unplanned pregnancy, take five seconds out of your passionate romp in the hay to protect yourself. And if you’re too embarrassed or too busy to get tested for diseases, you can get them discretely delivered to your doorstep. Still, I recommend going to your doctor at least once a year, especially if you’re sexually active.

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