Bethenny Frankel Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Bethenny Worth Right Now?

You may have first been introduced to Bethenny Frankel on The Real Housewives of New York City in which you saw a glimpse of some of NYC’s most elite and explosive circles. This was just the beginning of Frankel’s entry into the spotlight, and since then Frankel has had her own individual reality show, published multiple books and created a cocktail empire. Though, it wasn’t always blue skies for the business mogul and reality star. A messy divorce garnered some negative publicity, but Frankel’s net worth proves she’s doing just fine. Let’s see how she got to where she is now.

Bethenny Frankel’s Net Worth as of 2018: $25 million

Frankel didn’t have the easiest childhood as her father stopped supporting the family at a young age while her mother struggled with alcohol addiction. After graduating from school in Florida, she attended New York University and later worked as a production assistant on Saved by the Bell.

2005 – 2008

In 2005, Frankel first started her reality TV career by competing on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and ended in second place. Just three years later, she was selected to be on The Real Housewives of New York City.

2009 – 2011

In 2009, Frankel dipped into the publishing world by creating her SkinnyGirl empire. She released several self-help books centered on dieting and healthy eating. In 2010, she created an exercise DVD as well as an audio book and earned her own show, Bethenny Ever After, documenting her marriage to Jason Hoppy. In the same year, she decided to leave Housewives. In 2011, Frankel debuted her SkinnyGirl cocktail company, which featured low-calorie margaritas. The business venture is among one of the most successful reduced-calorie alcohol products ever. She later sold the company (but kept the rights to the SkinnyGirl name) to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global for an alleged $100 million. 2011 was Frankel’s most successful year to date, one in which she was the highest-earning reality star at the time.

2012 – 2014

Frankel ventured into hosting a talk show in 2012, which resulted in the creation of the Bethenny show on Fox. However, it was canceled after just a year. During this time, Frankel filed for divorce from her husband, which wasn’t finalized until several years later. In 2014, Frankel announced her return to the cast of Housewives after a three-season absence.

2015 – Present

In 2016, Frankel was in the top ten of the year’s highest-paid reality stars, joining the ranks of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. With the brand she built, and the following she’s accumulated over the years, Frankel currently has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and reportedly earns between $10,000 and $30,000 per sponsored post.

Frankel has proved that other reality TV stars have some big shoes to fill. With Frankel’s business success and luck, her empire will only be growing in the future. Tune into season nine of The Real Housewives of New York City on Wednesdays.


Bethenny Frankel is going to be busy in February as she has started dating again but the identity of that person is still yet to reveal.

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