There’s a New Line of Disney Lingerie And Halloween Isn’t Even For Another 6 Months


disney lingerie

When Enchanted Bikinis came out with a line of Disney princess-inspired swimwear, we swooned. Now another brand is trying to cash in our insatiable appetite for nostalgia…but we’re not sure how to feel.

Essentially, YANDY is taking all your childhood memories and making them X-rated with a line of Disney lingerie.

From Ariel to Jasmine to Elsa, your favorite princesses have been sexified (yes, this is totally a word).

There are some pros and cons to this whole thing. For the less great news, I don’t really know any guys who are willing to bring their childhood memories into the bedroom (and if they are, RUN the other way and don’t look back).

On the up side, the sets are super cute, pretty affordable, and will make a perfect Halloween costume in October (probably with a winter jacket, if you’re in the Northeast like me).

If you’re not totally creeped out, shop the collection here.

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