15 Thoughts I Had While Listening To Harry Styles’ New Song

On the off chance you haven’t been on social media in the past couple weeks, Harry Styles dropped a new single today, sending the entire world (or maybe just me) into shock and awe.

If you haven’t heard yet, find some tissues, sit down and prepare for an emotional experience. With everything going on in the world, Harry clearly took pen to paper to relay some of the fears with this powerful ballad.

I had so many thoughts during this journey and I’d like for you to experience it with me.

1. My first priority when waking up is to listen to Harry’s new song. I am ready.


3. The piano…and Harry’s voice.

4. This was truly nothing I ever could’ve anticipated, but it exceeded my expectations.

5. Then again, I probably could’ve guessed from the album artwork that it’d be something along these lines.

6. I’m sorry, who wasn’t utilizing this part of Harry’s voice during the days of One Direction?

7. “Stop your crying baby/It’s a sign of the times/We gotta get away,” enough said.

8. I listened to this song for approximately 30 minutes straight and that wasn’t enough.

9. I have a couple follow-up questions after this. When is the music video coming out? Are we getting an album soon? Should I start saving my money now for front-row concert seats?

10. I was really blown away by this whole experience.

11. Will all of his music be this ominous?

12. Harry is on his way to becoming a legend.

13. I can’t believe we’ve missed out on this side of him for so long.

14. Why is Harry thanking us? We should be thanking him.

15. I just really love Harry Styles.

And as if this song wasn’t enough to send me into an emotional tailspin, a couple other members of One Direction tweeted him showing support.

My heart.

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