This Girl’s Response To ‘Send Nudes’ Will Have You LOLing

This girl took the internet meme “send nudes” and made it her own. Jacquie Ross, a 16-year-old from North Carolina, was asked by her friend Michael to take a picture of her outfit. You can guess where the story is going…

Ross told BuzzFeed News that they were both on their school’s prom committee and the question started innocently enough. Michael just wanted to discuss outfits and wanted to see her dress on her instead of on the rack. Unfortunately, he had bad timing. Ross had just finished showering at the time.

“I told him I wasn’t fit for pictures of the whole outfit at the moment,” she said. “He asked why, and I sent him a picture of the face mask, not even considering how you could see my shoulders.”

After receiving the first picture, Michael definitely noticed her bare shoulders and smoothly asked her “what’s below the picture” with smirking emojis tacked on. Her response? A glimpse of her bright red towel and a single-fingered greeting.


Somehow, the boy still remained undeterred. He asked what was under the towel and, lo and behold, Ross delivered. It turns out that there was another towel keeping her dry and warm. After a somewhat creepy “I’m gonna get what I want” text, Michael continued to ask. The process continued with Ross peeling layer after layer of colorful towels.

He didn’t even say please. Boys these days. It looks like by the 19th towel he’s finally getting a little impatient. After asking her to take off all the towels on her body, would Ross give in? Would she go off into a rage or awkwardly say it was getting weird? Nope. She stepped up her game in her next picture.


She put on a fluffy pink robe. Her face just screams “What now?” and I’m loving it. Michael must have mistaken her change of attire as hope and asked the question she’s been waiting for. He asked for what was under her robe. He should have learned by now. Ross sent him exactly what was under his robes. Another towel.


I love her.

Ross later posted the conversation on Tumblr and it blew up. The original post has over 67,000 notes, with many users making jokes out of the funny situation that could have gone sour at any time. Ross didn’t seem worried, though.

“He’s sort of a friend so we talk pretty often,” she said. “Not flirtatiously but memes and such. So it wasn’t some random guy from a class.”

Even after the robe, Michael still wanted pics. As a way to get the joke to the end, she sent him a picture of a black screen and claimed it was dark in her room. I need to take a page out of her book.

Ross admits that despite after all the hate being thrown at her friend, she delights in it. “My all time favorite thing is how officially, more people hate him than there are in my entire county” she says.

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