Raise Your Glass, Rosé Now Comes In 40-Ounce Bottles

Someone pinch me. I need to check if I’m dreaming. Apparently, rosé wine will be available in 40-ounce bottles in addition to the 25 ounces that we can’t get enough of. A college student’s thirst can never be quenched.

But really, who had enough power to almost double the size of our rosé? I need to take them out for a drink or two. If you love rosé wine, you should try this brand over the summer. Trust me, you’ll want to stock up.


I’m going to need a bigger glass. Or better yet, maybe I should forgo etiquette and just drink from the bottle…

You’re probably thinking that there has to be a catch. Maybe they’re double the price? Or maybe it’s really crappy wine? Well, you’d be wrong. Each bottle is only $16. You heard me. $16. According to Cosmopolitan, the idea was conjured up by Patrick Cappiello, who’d known for delivering quality goods. Cappiello’s wines are typically produced in the Loire Valley by French winemaker Julien Braud. Your money is in good hands.


For all you muscadet lovers, Julien Braud also has a 40-ounce size for you, too. Even better? Its cheaper than the Rosé. Cheers!

Currently, the 40-ounce bottles are available in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado and California. Somehow I’m not surprised since those states are notorious for loving their wine as much as they love to party. But you better hurry. A report states that “the company has only produced 1,200 cases from the 2016 vintage.” Cappiello later confirmed it by saying supplies “probably won’t last long.”


Can it get any more fabulous? Hurry and grab your case before it’s gone for good. Considering how the weather is finally starting to get warmer, you’ll need all the bottles you can get for when you sip it on the porch.

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