You Can Get Paid To Just Lie In Bed For 2 Months (As One Does)

Finally, finally there is a job where your talents can pay off!

French scientists are seeking candidates to lie on their backs for two months and… no, that’s it. Just lie on their backs. They will be paid $17,000 for their work.

The Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology in France wants to test microgravity and recreate the weightlessness of the International Space Station, and to test a dietary supplement. So while you are hardcore chilling, you can feel good about your contribution to science and the future of space travel, instead of that usual wriggling sense that you ought to be doing something more productive.

(“Mom, I’m not lazy. I’m advancing scientific development of space travel.”)

In practice, of course, it might be a little less comfortable than it sounds. Participants must lie with their head slightly inclined down by less than six degrees, and they can’t get up to eat, shower, or do anything else for two entire months.

Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t get to scroll through your phone while you lie there, which is unfortunate, because that would make all the difference! (Two months on Instagram? Easy. Two months re-watching and analyzing the nuances and unsteady character development in Big Little Lies? Even easier.)

Still, if you’re qualified, put your skills to the test. You must be a healthy, nonsmoking man between the ages of 20 and 45 (I’ll update when there’s one for women because this is an OUTRAGE) and begins in September 2017.

Apply here!

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