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The Internet Is Dying Over This College Student’s Dad ‘Spying’ On Her From The Roof


Twitter/Skye Morris

College is typically a time to break free from parental constraints, to learn to do your own laundry, and to feel that first rush of freedom that you’re finally an independent adult, you’re finally on your own.

Well, most of the time anyway. Skye Morris is a 19-year-old student who attends San Jacinto College in Texas, and she went viral this week for her hilarious tweet showing her dad watching her walk to her car — from her college roof.

Morris told Buzzfeed News that on Thursday, while walking to her car, she received this text from her dad:


Twitter/Skye Morris

She didn’t see him at first, but it turns out that was because he had a bit of an unusual vantage point.

Twitter/Skye Morris

Twitter/Skye Morris

He was on the roof! Skye was “cracking up laughing,” and immediately posted the exchange to her Twitter account, with the caption: “Go to college they said, you’ll get away from your parents they said.”

Of course, he wasn’t actually a next-level helicopter parent, but instead working on her college’s roof reparations. (It’s legit, she swears.)

Still, a lot of people connected with the tweet, which garnered over 13,000 likes.

Hang in there, you guys!

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