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11 April Ludgate Quotes That Perfectly Epitomize College

When you have to suffer through sorority recruitment, which is a horrific combination of a job interview and a first date, and if there is a hell, it will feature 20-year-olds with perfectly-coifed ringlets asking you what your major is:

When you start to meet people and you click right away:

When a professor asks you to say a fun fact about yourself, but you’re coming up short:

When you’re not exactly sure what the situation is with that guy, but like, he likes you maybe?:

When your new friends lay out every detail of their love lives in a candid and all-too-graphic manner:

When you haven’t slept in three days and you start to have strange epiphanies:

When you write a ten-page paper on magical realism in one night:

When you’re at your breaking point with studying and about to give up, and pursue alternate career paths:


When alcohol is no longer just for the weekends:


When you get an A on your first final, and you feel like the goddess of wisdom:

And finally, when you at long last graduate, and you barely recognize yourself:


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